I want to thank Congressman Delahunt, Mayor Phelan, Senator Morrissey,
Representative Tobin, and the hard working men and women of the Quincy
Public Works Department for all their work on our behalf.  

 I also have to start getting the word out on groups like the Conservation Law
Foundation. CLF is the oldest, biggest and best environmental group in the
Nation, and they’re investing in Houghs Neck. They have been instrumental in
our success.

Check out the link to this great organization (
www.clf.org) on our website.

 As I’ve been saying for years now, Houghs Neck includes close to 300 acres of
salt and fresh water marshland, surrounded by 7 miles of coastline. Proper marsh
management can eliminate 90 to 99% of our mosquito problem, remove a major
fire hazard and resolve flooding problems. Add to all this increased views, salt
ponds with wading birds, Osprey Towers, bird boxes and great fishing!

    Fish will breed here by the billions, big and healthy from eating our
mosquitoes! Houghs Neck will once again be the “Flounder Capital of the World!”

    Check out the website and give me a call if you have any questions.
Happy New Year to you and yours!       
P.J. Foley (617-479-3800)